Fylde Coast Ice Arena closes

Fylde Coast Ice Arena has announced on its web page and Facebook page that it has closed because its refrigeration plant is beyond economic repair.

The rink had been experiencing issues with its plant, and the website now states that: “The equipment needed to make the ice is beyond repair. The logistical and technical challenges that this site presents, particularly the reliance upon external diesel power generation, have taken their toll on our chiller plant. As replacement equipment would be subject to the same conditions we have been advised that it is not viable to continue operating from this location. We have instructed contractors to dismantle and remove the rinks and as a result the Arena on Bristol Avenue will be closed permanently.”

The rink is the second to close in the area in recent years. Just a few miles away, Cleveleys Ice Arena, formerly known as Sub-Zero and as Jubilee Ice Arena, ran from 2011 to 2014 when it closed. It was re-opened and run by a community interest group but shut permanently in October 2015. At the time that Fylde Coast Ice Arena was proposed, concerns were raised during the planning process that the scheme would put the Cleveleys rink at risk.

Skaters in the area still have Blackburn rink and the tiny Blackpool Pleasure Beach rink.

Link: www.fyldecoasticearena.com


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