Guildford rink re-opening delayed

The Guildford Spectrum site reports that the planned reopening of the ice rink at the leisure complex has been put back until 24 June. The rink had been due to reopen on 18 June.

The site reports: “The staff and contractors at Spectrum have been working tirelessly to get the rink open on time however several technical issues with the ice plant has meant that an extension to the closure period is inevitable.

“The planned maintenance to the ice refrigeration plant and the repaint of the ice pad began as per the schedule on 3 June and the staff had cleared the ice and last week having turned the refrigeration plant back on had begun the slow process of building the ice back up to start the repaint.

“Unfortunately, over the latter part of last week and the weekend the refrigeration unit has suffered numerous unforeseen technical problems which led to the ice we had having to be cleared to avoid flooding of the plant rooms below.

“Over the weekend and today (Monday) we have contractors on site who are working round the clock to get the plant up and running so we can begin again to freeze the pad and the hope is that we’ll be in a position to start repainting by Wednesday of this week.”



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